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Laurie Burgess is now offering Coaching Services based on Saying YES!

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More about FREEDOM

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Free to choose:

In any given moment, you are free to choose a better feeling thought - or not.  A different path - or not.  A new belief - or not.  A new life - or not.  I think we would all like to choose a better feeling life!

Release and allow:

The more you can release resistance and old beliefs that don’t serve you, the more you can truly allow what you really want and desire.  Laurie can help give you tips, tools, and techniques to help you!

Ease and flow:

If you keep pushing through feelings of frustration, being overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, etc. you cannot allow solutions to appear.  If you can pause and sink into what is really happening, you can begin to release resistance. When you stop pushing against what you want and give your wants, needs and desires to Source/Divine/Higher Self/God/Spirit (you get to define what this means for you) , you can begin to relax and feel more ease and flow in your daily life.

Eager and inspired:

When you tap into Source Energy, you can find solutions to any situation or problem. You can’t focus on a problem and find a solution.  If you can feel eager to find a solution, you will feel inspired.  Inspired action  is THE best action!

Deep Connection:

When you feel connected to your Source/Divine/Higher Self/God/Spirit you also feel a deeper connection to others.  You can’t help others by lowering your *vibration to meet them.   By tapping into who YOU really are, you can more easily figure out what you want in your relationships with others.

*You will learn more about vibration during our sessions.

Open to Receive:

A lot of us, especially women, believe that we need to give to others before ourselves.  However, the more you can learn to receive from others and to nurture yourself first, the more you have to give.

Manifest Desires:

If you can tap into your true self which is filled with love and light, your desires can more easily manifest.  The more you can focus on the above, the more you manifest your desires.

Gabby Bernstein says that if our desires are "backed by joy, then they are backed by service, love, and inspiration."

I have been on a personal journey of self-exploration since 2008 when I took a Reiki class and learned about energy.  I enjoyed practicing my new skills on my horses and dogs and was amazed to see how they reacted to this.  After several years I began offering services to people, and then furthered my skills by becoming a Reiki Master.  Because horses have had a such a profound impact on me, I wanted to share the magic of self-discovery through horses with others.  I became certified in the Eagala model in 2012 and continue to enjoy combining my passion for horses with my compassion for helping people "see themselves through the eyes of the horse". I have become more and more interested in the spiritual aspects of myself and have learned many new skills that have helped me tap into my own energy.  I am excited to share this with you! 

"On Chakradance:


I dance the dance and song of love

In harmony with heaven above

That fills my heart, and calms my soul

And makes my very essence whole.

My mind and spirit, they are one

My voice sings out that all is done

To make complete this journey's goal

Connecting body, mind and soul.

My dancing feet with spirit meet

And join the heart's eternal beat

The power of source shines deep and bright

Empowering all in healing light.

This is the dance where night and day

Combine in spectrum's rainbow ray

Expanding deep through all my being

With joy enfolding life and living.

Infinite potential stretching forth

Into the vast expanse of earth

And far beyond the brightest sun

As God and self are joined as one."


- Margaret Morrow

Laurie is offering these services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Sessions are generally 1.5 hours in length
Contact me to schedule:

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