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Fees and Plans

Equine Assisted Therapy (with Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist)

$160.0 per hour

Please note that we currently do not accept insurance.  We are happy to give you a super bill to submit to your insurance yourself, but we cannot guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you.

We can however take HSA cards.

Equine Assisted Wellness (a 2-person team without a mental health professional)

$120.00 per hour

Intuitive Energy Healing (Reiki)

$80 per hour (sessions are generally 1.5 hours.

Say YES! (sessions are generally 1.5 hours)

$80 per hour/$120 per 1.5 hours

Say YES! Package: Four -1.5 hour sessions $432.00 (10% off regular price)

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