Our Team

EAGALA Certified Practitioner

Laurie Burgess is co-founder of The Yellow Rose Farm. Horses have had a profound impact on her personal journey. She loves helping others find for themselves the magic of self-discovery that the horses offer each and every person they come in contact with. Her passion for horses combine perfectly with her compassion for people.


Laurie also does intuitive healing work.  Our bodies can hold on to energies and emotions, that can cause pain. By integrating mind/body/spirit we can align with who we really are.

Laurie uses gentle, intuitive, light touch and guided imagery that can help you release these issues, leading to better physical and emotional health.


As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe that you hold the needed solutions within your struggles. From a place of curiosity, together we will explore the struggle and we will find (or rediscover) your strengths and solutions to overcome whatever is getting in the way of living a full and happy life. Now is the time to create the space for you to explore yours.

I work with people who want to get into alignment with their true self. I believe when we are not in alignment we can experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self worth and loneliness. I have a specialty area in working with the Highly Sensitive Person (www.hsperson.com).

I am passionate about what I do. I use my intuition, high sensitivity, and curiosity to guide our time together. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I offer experiential opportunities of self exploration such as Equine Assisted Coaching, and Reiki.


EAGALA Certified Practitioner

Steve  is co-owner of The Yellow Rose Farm in Somerset, WI along with his wife Laurie. They provide Nature Based Wellness Services, including Equine Assisted Wellness and Mind/Body/Spirit Integration, Mentoring and Skills Building.  Steve became EAGALA Certified in 2013 and brings many years of equine experience with him as well as a strong desire to help others explore life’s journey through EAP/EAL sessions. Steve retired from a lengthy career in construction sales and now lives on the farm with his wife Laurie, a couple  of dogs, 3 cats and 8 equine friends. Steve also cherishes time spent with his daughter, son, daughter-in-law and beautiful granddaughters.


Shannon has worked in the mental health field over twenty years using client centered, trauma-informed, strengths-based approaches.  Shannon's love and compassion for people and horses lead her to certification with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association allowing her to not only provide in office outpatient psychotherapy services, but also, a hands on, experiential approach that builds on the belief that people can find their own solutions when given a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment to do so.  


Allie Burgess (bio coming soon)

The Herd

Our horses are social animals and each have their own roles within the herd, and like people, each have their own personalities and attitudes.  They are prey animals, so they are highly attuned to their environment.  Because of this, our horses:


  • Are very intuitive.

  • Respond to our body language and feelings - and can tell when they don't match.

  • Provide honest feedback, giving us the opportunity to try new things in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Are each unique - what works with one horse doesn't necessarily work with another.

  • Require us to be present and "in the moment".

  • Can help us face and overcome fears.