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On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying A

Say YES to FREEDOM! Online Course



In the weeks ahead, I will cover the acronym I have developed for


Free to choose

Release and allow

Ease and flow

Eager and inspired

Deep Connection

Open to Receive

Manifest Desires


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who desires to align with who you really are - A Soul having a human experience!

  • Anyone willing to give up old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

  • Anyone wanting to learn techniques that can help you see things in a different and positive way.


What does the course look like?

  • Six weekly Google Meet calls - don't worry if you can't make the live calls. The replay will be available to you.

  • A private Facebook page for sharing experiences.

  • Materials that will be covered during the course.

What are the dates?

  • The course will be held on Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 pm from  1/6/21 - 2/10/21


What is the cost and is there a payment plan?

  • The course costs $270 for all 6 weeks and a private Facebook page

  • Or 3 payments of $90 paid prior to 2/10/21

  • Yes! Click here to register and see the payment options

Below is the course outline

Week #1: Free to Choose

Objective: You will learn how your thoughts create your reality

Topics covered

  • Ego vs Essence (Spirit/Soul/Source Energy/Higher Power/God)

  • How/why your ego keeps you stuck

  • How connecting to your Essence  (Spirit/Soul/Source Energy/Higher Power/God) is freeing

  • Law of attraction

  • Choosing better feeling thoughts

  • An experiment with the Universe

Week #2: Release and Allow

Objective:  You will learn how to release resistance to allow what you truly want and desire

Topics covered:

  • Resistance

  • Old belief systems and stories that no longer serve you

  • Fear based thinking - ego

  • Moving from Yeah But/What if? to Yes and what if!!!

  • Becoming Spiritually aligned with Essence (Spirit/Soul/Source Energy/Higher Power/God)

  • Meditation

Week #3: Ease and Flow

Objective: Your will learn how to allow solutions to flow more easily

Topics covered:

  • Discover how feelings of frustration, overwhelm and anxiety affect your body and life

  • Line up with tasks before doing them

  • Learn to be in the present moment, where all solutions are found

  • Breathing techniques

Week #4: Eager and inspired

Objective: You will learn about Law of Attraction, inspired action and the emotional scale

Topics covered:

  • Soul-ution oriented

  • Holding space

  • Moving up the emotional scale

  • How Law of Attraction works 

  • Using a thought record to help change negative thought patterns.

  • Practice seeing things the way you want them be

Week #5: Deep Connection

Objective: You will learn why it is so important to feel connected to ourselves and our Essence

(Spirit/Soul/Source Energy/Higher Power/God)

Topics covered:

  • Vibration and how it affects us and others

  • Tapping into who you really are

  • Empathy vs Compassion

  • Begin noticing when you are lowering your vibration

Week #6: Open to receive

Objective:  You will learn the importance of being open to receive

Topics covered:

  • The need to feel like you have to give in order to receive

  • Nurturing yourself actually allows you to to have more to give

  • Why putting yourself first is a gift

Week #6 closing: Manifest Desires

Objective: Say YES to FREEDOM!

Topics covered:

  • By aligning with F.R.E.E.D.O. you will more easily M(anifest)

  • Focus on the WHY you want this, not the how - the Universe takes care of that.

  • Feelings boards/vision boards

  • Go forth and Manifest!

Laurie Burgess



One individual consultation in person or online when you sign up for the course!

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