The Yellow Rose Farm 

Equine Assisted Wellness Services

On The Verge
               Preparing for change

We offer services for people who are contemplating or are in the process of  making a life change.

Transitions can be an emotionally charged time. Horses can help reveal the path to a smooth transition by helping us release the old and prepare for the new. 

Services for people On the Verge of:

  • Marriage 
  • Starting a family
  • Separation/divorce
  • Shared parenting
  • Retirement/career changes

NO riding of the horses is involved.  All session are done 100% on the ground.  On the Verge services may be either EAL or EAP.  We will help you determine which modality fits your needs.

Getting Married?  Moving in together?

We offer couples "on the verge" of marriage or moving 

in together a unique way to explore this exciting new 

transition. Learn your communication styles, identify 

your relationship strengths, explore your financial styles,

by doing some testing and talking with the facilitators, 

then exploring these findings with the horses.  The horse 

has an innate ability to bring out your strengths and/or 

weaknesses, offering a chance for both of you to understand each other better.


Preparing for retirement?  What's next?  Let the facilitators and horses help you find meaning and discover how 
exciting this new chapter in your life can be.

Career change

Wanting a change in your career?  Want more fulfilling 
work? Come to the farm and let our team help you discover/rediscover your passion and life purpose!

Starting a family?

Children bring such joy into our lives!  While this is an 

exciting time, it can also bring about some fear 

and/or anxiety because of all the unknowns. What will it 

look like?  What kind of parenting is best? What about 

daycare? Going back to work or staying home?  How will change your relationship? Come out explore this wonderful 

new transition with the horses.  Horses can offer huge 

insights to help you prepare for this change.

Couples on the Verge 

Maybe you're on the verge of divorce. Or, maybe you're on the verge of working it out. Either way, being on the verge can be tough. 

Couples on the Verge is for couples who are contemplating divorce or separation. It is an opportunity to take a close, hard look at your relationship. Couples on the Verge is a commitment to 5 therapy sessions which are not intended for the purpose of improving the relationship.  Our role in therapy is to be an objective observer and to provide the couple with a birds eye view of the relationship. It is from this perspective that a couple can make an informed decision regarding the next best step for them.

Shared Parenting 

Co-parenting from the pasture is a unique learning experience in which horses help parents learn valuable tools that will improve shared parenting skills and strengthen family relationships.

Horses are highly attuned to their environment. As you step into the pasture you will quickly experience how the horses reflect family situations, providing an opportunity to practice new skills and behaviors. Through experiential activities like “Keep Kids Out of the Middle” and “Home to Home” parents can enhance shared parenting techniques and explore new avenues to more effective communication.

Our EAGALA Certified Team of Professionals will lead you through a variety of horse-based and classroom-based activities designed to strengthen your shared parenting skills. The Yellow Rose Farm is NOT a riding facility and all horse related activities are done 100% on the ground.