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Mental Health Services

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is generally a brief, focused therapy. We trust that clients hold the needed solutions within their

struggles. Horses provide honest feedback and an opportunity to try new things in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our facilitators hold the space for clients to discover the possibilities and find solutions to help them live the life they desire.

We offer services for an array of mental health issues including:






Both horses and humans are vulnerable to trauma and 

both can experience traumatic events. However, research 

is showing us that perhaps only humans are susceptible 

to what is specifically referred to as post-traumatic stress 

disorder, or PTSD.  Emotional healing begins with the nonjudgmental acceptance of a horse, and enables 

patients to feel safe enough to be themselves. Author 

Tim Hays writes "This helps bridge the barrier of PTSD isolation and facilitates the social reintegration of talk

therapy with another human. A horse can therefore

become a crucial and even life- saving component in the beginning stages of PTSD recovery."


Horses are large and powerful. They have the potential 

of allowing people to overcome fear and develop 

confidence that can be translated into real-life situations. Horses help put people at ease due to their unbiased and 

non-judgmental nature, responding only to people's 

intent and behavior. They are social animals with their 

own personalities, and are most willing to interact when 

people are engaged and work to build a relationship with 

them. This process provides great healing for those 

dealing with issues around depression and anxiety. 


Equine therapy for addictions is becoming ever more popular. There are many ways in which horses can 

help heal people struggling with addiction. Among these are a seemingly innate and profound ability of the horse to ‘know’ what a person needs to experience in a safe environment. Being in their presence can inspire new thinking and self-confidence. 

Being with horses, and activities designed by facilitators 

can help people breakthrough old fears and discover new 

aspects of themselves. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy uses the horses’ natural abilities to react to a person's fears, unhealthy thought patterns, and body language, under safe conditions that naturally create powerful experiences for the human participants. Horses can bring calm and a sense of peace to anyone struggling with the stresses of addiction. Horse therapy is not a cure for addiction, but it is powerful and effective for many people. 

Interested in bringing horses to your addictions 

programming? Contact us!


Horses in a therapeutic setting help facilitate personal empowerment for a variety of reasons.  Therapeutic healing often comes from communing with and relating to horses. Developing a relationship with horses and 

spending time in an outdoor environment benefits humans 

both mentally and physically. Being in the horse's presence 

is often times calming, as well as inspirational and empowering.