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ALIGN with Horses

ALIGN Equine Assisted Personal Development services and workshops are for people seeking ways to connect with their own intuition and inner guidance.  Horses allow the opportunity for you to become aware of and uncover any limiting beliefs you may have, helping close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be.

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of workshops.  Check our events page often to see what's coming up!

We also offer ALIGN services for individuals or groups wanting to discover more about themselves and are curious about what the horses can teach them.  Contact us to schedule and appointment or let us customize an experience for your group.

"Authentic power is when the
 personality is in alignment with
the soul"  Gary Zukav

Below is an article about our Align program in the Edge Life Magazine

Located just outside of Somerset, WI lies a beautiful 12-acre horse farm known as The Yellow Rose Farm. At the end of the winding driveway you will find the home of seven beautifully sensitive horses ready for work; healing, teaching, and bringing joy. The horses intuitively  know what each person needs and holds in their heart . They are wise, and if we listen closely, we will hear the many valuable lessons they have to teach us. It is here at The Yellow Rose Farm that the horses offer an unbridled, fresh perspective filled with wisdom and creativity to help you discover who you really are. While we’re not certain the horses care what we call this work we do with them, Lindsay Hildreth, LAMFT, Laurie Burgess, Reiki Master and Steve Burgess, all EAGALA Certified Practitioners, have decided to call it ALIGN.

So, why horses? While we’re a little biased and could come up with a hundred reasons for “why horses”, we’ll give you the three reasons we feel are the most important:

  1. Horses are authentic.  In other words, horses are rarely out of ALIGNment. They are who they are, they all have individual personalities, and they live in a community (herd of horses) which respects that at all times. They don’t stop being who they are because they fear being bullied, abandoned, hurt or any of the many reasons we, as humans use to hide our authentic selves.

  1. Horses are always 100% in the present moment. They command this from us as well. We would say that it is nearly impossible to be together with a herd of horses and not be present.  Horses then, are one of nature’s best mindfulness tools and they allow the time and space necessary for one to get in touch with their true self.

  1. Horses teach us to lead with our heart.  Be it in our personal or professional lives, all of us have an inner knowing about the things that would bring us joy and happiness. All of us also have a mind (and ego) that, for various reasons,  may block  what our heart desires. This creates an inner discrepancy that horses innately pick up, hone in on, and make room for us to take a good, hard look at.

We do all of our work with the horses on the ground.  There is no riding of the horses involved in any of our sessions. While riding can be very therapeutic and empowering,  when we are on their backs, the horses are reacting to us based on their training.  When you enter the horse’s environment, on the ground with them, they are free to interact with us as they choose.

During ALIGN sessions, you will:

Allow yourself to

be Loved 

be Inspired 

be filled with Gratitude

Now, in this present moment. 

All of the ALIGN with Horses workshops and individual sessions will help to bring you into alignment with who you came to this Earth to be, and who you really are!

See our "events" page for upcoming workshops.  If you are interested in individual ALIGNment sessions, please contact us to schedule.